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...A tech-savvy leader with 20 years of IT experience with expertise in Software Change Management.
• Demonstrated world-class software configuration management strengths as Software Configuration Manager, SCM Systems Programmer, SCM Administrator, and System Software Developer, in enterprise wide, mainframe environments.
• More than 10 years supporting ChangeMan ZMF, provided installations, upgrades, migrations, customization, maintenance, administration and global and 24x7 support.
• Configuration Management innovator, who pioneered the development of early configuration management software for General Dynamics and the Navy.
• Developed system software and trained application programmers for IBM.
• A former Vice President of the National Association of IT Change Management (NAITCM).


Health Plan Services - Tampa, FL Aug 08 " Nov 11
Software Configuration Manager / MVS Systems Programmer

• Add DB2 Native SQL Stored Procedures as a replacement for SQL Stored Procedures. (Saves $24,000 per year.)
• Add DB2 External SQL Stored Procedures and DB2 COBOL Stored Procedures to ChangeMan.
• Build new ChangeMan application for Kaiser Permanente ClaimFacts.
• Interface ChangeMan with TeamTrack.
• Use AF/OPER to automatically generate and send the SCRT Report to IBM monthly. (Saves about $50,000 per year.)
• Move two ChangeMan instances to the system test LPAR.
• Generate CICS SLA reports using TMON, and System capacity reports using MXG and SAS.
• Recovered four ChangeMan ZMF instances from disaster restoring the Package and Component Masters.
• Build REXX EXECs for COBOL processing that simulate Librarian processing of COPY and COPY/REPLACING statements, so that code that had been stored in Librarian would not have to be modified for ChangeMan.
• Fix processes such as CICS MAP generation, COBOL compiles and DB2 binds.
• Integrated IBM Debug Tools seamlessly with the ChangeMan ZMF compile, promote, and install processes.
• Integrated Job Scan with the ChangeMan ZMF audit process.
• Implemented a strategy for DumpMaster to access ChangeMan Compile listings.
• Customized and supported AF/OPER, fix PARMs and commands, and develop new traps (such as an SMF Switch trap for two LPARs, a trap to detect the successfully recovery of a control unit, and activate the appropriate VTAM Node, and traps to detect and report failed ChangeMan install jobs).
• Provided ChangeMan ZMF global and local administration as well as 24 x 7 on-call support.
• Create ChangeMan FAQ folder in SharePoint, and populate it with documentation to Frequently Asked Questions.
• Add new DB2 subsystems and promotion sites to ChangeMan.
• Install new ChangeMan keys.
• Install SAS 9.1.3 and apply new keys.

Bear Stearns & Co. - Whippany, NJ Mar 07 " Dec 07
Senior ChangeMan Software Configuration Management Consultant

• Converted ChangeMan RPCs (from COBOL) to REXX XML functions, as required for the impending software upgrade.
• Developed or customized the ChangeMan ZMF REXX EXECs, skeletons, panels and messages to interface the Application Control Environment with ChangeMan to meet auditor-mandated security and accounting requirements associated with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).
• Designed, built and documented an consistency checking system that queries ChangeMan ZMF for the like-source and like-load objects belonging to an application, validates that a one-to-one relationship exists between the like-load and like-source objects (while accounting for aliases), across multiple baseline libraries, for the corporate auditors.
• Designed, built, and documented a secure, convenient access method for maintaining ChangeMan related control datasets.

Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS) / AEON, DSCC, OH Jan 06 " Mar 07
Configuration Manager

• Managed the Software Configuration environment and processes for the rehost of software, which processes $900 billion in contracts annually, on the z/OS development system.
• Developed and administered the Configuration Management Plan (CMP) on a daily basis.
• Communicated appropriate practices and procedures to the Aeon project team for all Configuration Items (CIs).
• Reviewed and reported on the status of the CMP implementation monthly, and the status of any corrective actions needed to ensure compliance with the plan.
• Directed the SLAP and VSS Software Configuration Management Administrators.
• Performed an oversight of the implementation of SCM procedures for all environments.
• Designed and built automated audit procedures, to assure a valid association between source and executables.
• Designed, built, maintained and administer the z/OS build and release management (deployment) software, to process source, executables, aliases, and DBRMs, performing compiles, link-edits, DB2 binds, triggering the CICS NEWCOPY automation, moved code to QA Test, and installed it in the pre-production environment.

BankOne/JP Morgan Chase - Columbus, OH Apr 04 " Dec 05
Mainframe Systems Engineer II for ChangeMan (AVP)

• Customized the ChangeMan ZMF REXX EXECs, skeletons, panels and messages to add new functionality such as jobcard validation, providing an ISO Date/Time option to DB2 pre-compiles, trigger automated IMS roll processing, and generation automatic e-mail notification for installs or backouts of IMS LOADs and FORMATs.
• Modified the ChangeMan ERO audit processing for JCL, by adding a DSNREXX query step to search the "Component In Motion" table for PROCs and Includes in the release areas, then copy these members to a temporary dataset, which fed the release audit process. This allowed PROCs and Includes to be shared across a release, and enabled the release to pass audit.
• Designed and developed the ChangeMan DB2 tablespace maintenance jobs, to perform daily, weekly, and quarterly DB2 table space maintenance (IMAGE COPY, REORG, and RUNSTATS) against the ChangeMan ZMF Impact Analysis (IA) and Enterprise Release Option tablespaces, and modified these jobs to work with the new release.
• Provided ChangeMan global and local administration as well as 24 x 7 on-call support to 500 applications.
• Assigned new projects and tasks to the Development Support team members so that work was evenly distributed, team members knew their assignments and projects were completed in a timely manner.
• Defined and documented the standard ChangeMan ZMF application parameters used to define new applications.
• Defined and setup 12 new ChangeMan ZMF applications per Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and internal audit requirements.
• Administered JOBSCAN and maintained the "STANDARDS" exit (in COBOL) which enforced the banks JCL standards.

Great"West Life Assurance Co. - Denver, CO Jun 98 " Apr 04
Senior Software Configuration Management Administrator / Systems Programmer

• Managed the upgrade of ChangeMan ZMF from version 4.1.6 to 5.2.1, re-customized skeletons, panels and messages, and modified tables and files, in order to keep ChangeMan supported.
• Added two new applications and CICS test regions to ChangeMan ZMF.
• Provided ChangeMan Global and Local Administration as well as 24 x 7 on-call support.
• Supported the other â€"Programming Products” (the ACF2 front-end, PANVALET, Programmer’s WorkBench, Xpediter, QuickRef, ISPF, TSO, REXX, DSNREXX, PL/1, COBOL, the Linker-Binder, SAS and MICS).
• Set up new z/OS LPARS by install the ACF2 Security Front-end, PANVALET (using SMP/e) and Programmer’s WorkBench, and writing the logon PROCs, logon CLISTs and ISPF primary option panels.
• Automated the ACF2 security front-end â€"transfer of ownership” functions, saving the Security administration staff hundreds of hours, eliminating the need to increase headcount.
• Modified ACF2 security front-end (PL/1 with REXX EXECs, ISPF panels, skeletons and messages, interfacing to DB2 tables and ACF2) to be consistent with SAP requirements.
• Installed new version of PANVALET (using SMP/e), and integrated it into Programmer’s WorkBench (an in-house Software Configuration Management System written in PL/1 with ISPF panels, skeletons, messages and tables), as required for the operating system upgrade.
• Modified the corporate date utilities (written in PL/1) and Programmer’s WorkBench (also PL/1) to assure Y2K compliance.

IBM Printing Systems Company - Boulder, CO Apr 97 " Jun 98
Contract Senior System Software Developer

• Developed the OS/390 Print Interface printer inventory database user interface, which enables system programmers to view, insert, update, and delete all printer definitions, from one place, in a timely and orderly manner.
• Designed and developed an application to analyze and project CPU lease revenues.
• Converted the IP PrintWay Queue Monitor from one large external program, to multiple externals, which were small enough to accept changes and still assemble without error.
• Developed a PTF which enabled users to view the IP PrintWay Log from the control panels.
• Received an award from IBM and AiC for the speedy, high quality analysis, design, and development of a new user exit for IP PrintWay which enabled applications to track the processing of IP PrintWay jobs.


• ChangeMan ZMF Administration (100, 200 & 300 Series)
• JOB/SCAN Administration
• DB2 Database Administration Workshop (U4066)
• IBM Assembler H (K3600)

• BA, University of Wisconsin, Madison




Databases: DB2 database design and development, DB2 Systems Programming, SQL, SPUFI, QMF, DSNREXX

User Interface: ISPF/DMF (Dialog Management Facility or Dialog Manager);
- write ISPF Panels, Messages, Skeletons and ISPF Tables;
- perform File Tailoring in REXX EXECs or PL/1 programs

Tools: ChangeMan ZMF, SCLM, SPA, Visual SourceSafe, Test Director, PANVALET, Librarian, SDSF, JobScan, IBM Debug Tools, IOF, ADW/KnowledgeWare, Visual Age for ISPF, WORD, EXCEL, VISIO, PowerPoint, MicroFocus COBOL.